We have (Sky) light

The weather for the Easter weekend was to be mainly dry - so we build up the upstands, got all our tools, materials prepped and waited for the morning showers to clear. As soon as they passed, I cut open the rubber and started install. Of course, just as we were about to fit the light, the heavens opened for 5mins! We lifted it on and waited for the shower to pass before sealing.

We bought the skylight from Skylight International, a locally based company who were recommended. I had to say, we're over the moon with the result and have decided to order another that we had originally dropped. The frame is aluminium, with triple glazing and solar glazing to reduce the heat build up. The frame and surrounds have been specially powder coated to match our windows. The detail on the inside is gorgeous as the plasterboard butts clean up against the glass with a plastic bead, which means none of the frame is exposed from the inside. Our light is 2400*900 and the frame was bespoke made for our project.

Cutting the rubber

First part of the 150mm upstand

Full upstand with insulated section

RUSS strips create a mechanical fixing to the rubber all round the perimeter

Add some sealant and ready to go. 

The moment of truth!

The kitchen area


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